Other Projects

We don't just develop other people's idea, we create and execute our own too!

  • Canada Recycles

    • Canada Recycles coverWritten by Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki, and part of Scholastic Canada's Canada Close Up series, Canada Recycles examines the whys and hows of the recycling process in Canada. Aimed at moderate level readers, it's a fast-paced look at many aspects of the process, from what happens to your blue box after the curb to what choices we're going to have look at in the future. 2012.

      Short-listed for the 2012 Lane Anderson Award Canadian Science Book Prize

      Available at: Amazon | Chapters
  • Doodle of the Week

    • Doodle of the WeekNot only the future site of a secret project, Doodle of the Week hosts the update of a full-colour edition of our 1993 book Born Smart? in both English and French.
  • Growing with Music: Friendly Bear's Song Book

    • Growing with Music coverWritten by Birthe Kulich and originally published in 1990 under the title of Friendly Bear's Song Book, but revamped and renamed in 2006, this was Laura's first professional solo illustration project. It's a lively collection of songs and chants for young children, by a renowned music teacher. Laura was also brought in to create the graphic design and illustrations for the new edition.
  • Why Animals Show Off

    • Why Animals Show Off coverLaura Suzuki and Peter Cook were asked to create an introductory science picture book for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Illustrated by renowned paper sculptor Ron Broda, the book discusses the many ways animals can show off in nature, and the fascinating and dangerous reasons they might want to!

      Shining Willow 2004 Nominee
      Canadian Science Writers' Association Science In Society Journalism Award Nominee

  • Clueless in the Garden

    • Clueless in the Garden coverAn introductory book to gardening, Peter provided technical illustrations, instructive diagrams and pen-and-ink art of gardens, as well as the front cover illustration.
  • The Dog Rules

    • The Dog Rules coverBased on the newspaper column of the same name, Peter did the illustrations for this hilarious collection of the adventures of writer William J. Thomas and his border collie Jake.
  • Born Smart? Why Animals Do What They Do

    • New Born Smart cover Born Smart? is a 114-page comic strip written and illustrated by Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki. Hosted by an Australian mallee fowl father-and-son duo, the book explores whether animal behaviour is a product of instinct or learning, and the part evolution plays in it. Originally illustrated in black and white, this book is being beautifully colourized and re-issued for the web at Doodle of the Week. Published in English, Québec French, and Chinese (Taiwan).

      Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selection
  • David Suzuki Asks Did You Know Series

    • Did You Know covers Our first foray into writing and illustrating for children, this four-book science question-and-answer series was overseen and edited by geneticist/environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki. Originally intended for newspaper syndication, the series was instead published in book form in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brazil.

      Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selections